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"My mission is to 

encourage, equip, and empower people to live, learn, lead, and love without limits."

Dr. Sheryl Kenan James

Dr. Sheryl Kenan Randolph


I am a native Texan, living my best life in Tennessee as an empty nester with my amazing husband. I have been blessed with several passions, interests, and skill sets, and this site includes a little bit of all of them. Like many of you, my life is a living testimony; I have a story that would make skeptics of faith believe in God. Daily, I thank Him because He gives me the grace to put my story into words/writing, all with the ultimate benefit of His glory. As a Believer, I am so grateful that although my story is still being written, I already know the conclusion…I (we) win! Thanks for visiting my site. My hope is that I am able to inspire and encourage you through a blog, a resource, a sermon, or face to face in your city, congregation, conference, or event. I am a lover of life and people, and as the members of my church often hear me say, “I enjoy doing this life with you.” Let’s stay connected. 

Sheryl's thoughts

Be strong enough to stand alone,

smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

-Mark Amend


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