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What Others Are Saying About Dr. Sheryl


Regina Clark,

Women's Ministry Leader | AL

“Pastor Sheryl is one of the most inspiring speakers that I have ever heard. She has been the keynote speaker at several of our conferences and events, and each time she comes she leaves us motivated and empowered to live our best lives. She brings insight and perspective to her audience that motivates and encourages them to live life to the fullest.  I just love her!”


Pervis Evans,

Non-Profit Executive Director | TX

“Sheryl's energy, enthusiasm, insight, wisdom, and strategy was just what our team needed to get over the hurdle that our organization was facing. If your team needs that boost in morale or just insight and perspective, Sheryl is the person you need to get your team back on the same page.”


Dr. Ingrid Hart,

Higher Ed Program Director | TN

Dr. Sheryl was my saving grace my first year as a school administrator. Her mentoring and coaching helped set the foundation for my current success as an influencer in secondary and post secondary education. Dr. Sheryl empowered me to be able to find my niche as a post secondary school leader, and helped guide me through the tough decisions that every leader has to make. I currently work in higher education, where I am training future educators; I hope that I am as much of an inspiration and effective model to my students as Dr. Sheryl was for me.


Jeffery & Connie Davis,

Members of Destiny Church | TN

Connie and I started dating around the same time she started attending DCC. Even on our dates, she was always bringing up how much she loved this church and how wonderful this lady preacher was. I grew up under the teaching that a woman could not be a pastor, so I was reluctant to visit the church. When I proposed to Connie, she basically let me know that if we were gonna work, then I had to attend a church. I didn't belong to a church back then, so I hesitantly went to DCC. I heard Pastor Sheryl one time, and I was convinced that this lady pastor and the Word she was teaching was just like my bride-to-be was life changing. I have been apart of DCC for over 4 years now, and it has changed my life. I am a better man, father and husband because of my church and my pastor's leadership. My wife and I know that Pastor Sheryl is the real deal. 


Dr. Beverly Tyner,

Education Consultant | TN

“I’m so happy I chose to collaborate with Dr. Sheryl for consulting. I have observed and worked with Sheryl for over 15 years now, and I can attest to her zeal and devotion to student academic achievement. Sheryl has a passion for students and their success. “She gets it!” She knows what it takes to support children in reading, and she has the experience, training and skillset to get results. As a fellow consultant, I admire her work and I’m tickled to serve children alongside her.”

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Adrienne Terry,

Account Executive | TN

I contacted Dr. James after an unexpected life occurrence. At that time I was unable to think work, with my friends, and most importantly, with my family. She helped me organize my thoughts with the insight and questions she brought to our sessions. Dr. James helped me to put my life back in perspective, reevaluate my priorities, and decide whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I wished to accomplish--in my personal and professional life. She is a life coach who is inspirational and relatable. In summary, my sessions with Dr. James were well worth the investment; she has empowered me to get back to living my best life, for which I am forever grateful.  

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