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Find the Superhero in You and Takeoff!

As we approach the midway point of 2019, many of us have lost complete sight of our New Year’s attitudes, goals and commitments to ourselves. I’ll be the first to admit that through the mundane tasks, unexpected delays and even turbulence in life, the things that we intend to do at the beginning of each year can somehow get lost in the clouds.

At the beginning of this year, my church, Destiny Church of Chattanooga, declared 2019 as the “Year of Takeoff.” What I quickly realized is that the act of takeoff (i.e., an action of starting out or a rapid rise in growth/activity) takes faith and commitment. Faith because you have to have complete confidence in something you believe that you have not seen, yet. Commitment because you have to be fully engaged and dedicated to your pursuit. At this point in the year, I have come to the resolve that the only way to takeoff or fly is to go for it.

When a pilot is sitting at the end of the runway, looking down its short length, the only thing to do is to go full-speed ahead and trust that the plane will actually fly. Once you’ve started there’s a point of no return where the only way out is up. In life, it is the same way. We have to be committed to the ascension process.

When my daughter, Sheridan, was younger she was fascinated with superheroes. She loved the fact that superheroes could fly. She would boldly climb on things, spread her arms out, announcing “I’m about to takeoff, Mommy” and then she would jump. The more she watched the different superheroes, the more she was convinced that she could fly! And to make matters worse, each time she jumped, I would catch her--which further shaped her belief that she could fly. In my child’s mind, superheroes symbolically represented her flying and takeoff. She could see herself doing the same things that these fictional characters could do.

This reminds me of the day that my daughter decided to ‘takeoff’ at her preschool. She did her usual. She climbed on top of something, spread out her arms, and made her announcement, as she always did. However, this time her experience was much different. No one was there to catch her. Much to her surprise, she fell flat on the face and injured her chin. Her teacher quickly ran to her, to console her and to apply first aid. Through Sheridan’s disappointment and tears she relentlessly asked her teacher, “Can you fix my chin, so I can fly again?”

As we approach the midway point of 2019, I want to challenge you to tap into that part of your faith that is like that of a child: fearless, confident and unwavering in your pursuit. As I’m typing this I am asking God, “Can you fix my faith, so I can fly again?” Father God, give us limitless faith in you and your ability to catch us if we fall.

Go back and pick up your attitude, goals and commitment from the beginning of this year, and imagine that you are where you want to be. See yourself succeeding. See yourself accomplished. See yourself soaring. If you fall, be willing to get up and try again. Refuse to quit. Believe that you can rise above your circumstances and situations. Get up from what is trying to hold you down. Decide to fly, anyway, expecting to soar. Don’t allow your fears to keep you from realizing your potential and pursuing your purpose. Believe that you can rise above your limitations and liabilities and go ahead and fly.

DISCLAIMER…Going in, know that there will be individuals who will attempt to discourage you from reaching your destination. There will be some who do not believe in you or your ability to fly. Let me challenge you to tap into the fearlessness and confidence of my daughter as a child. When people would tell Sheridan she could not fly, her response was always the same, “Uh huh, you want me to show you?” Well friends, it showtime! There is greatness in you and the world is ready to see it. This year tap into that superhero in you, takeoff, and soar.


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