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The Unexpected Door

So, the other day I went to Target and the strangest thing happened. I got out of my car and approached a set of automatic doors. As I stood in front of the doors, expecting them to open as usual, they did not. I thought, we'll maybe something is wrong or maybe the sensor was a little off so I backed up and I approached the doors again. But the doors still did not open. However, to my surprise, the set of doors next to where I was standing did opened. This made no sense, the doors that should have parted, remained closed while the adjacent (unexpected) doors granted me access to enter the store. This was crazy and powerful all at the same time. You see, sometimes life treats us like these doors. We do what we are supposed to do and make the necessary steps just to run into closed doors. We approach the doors of opportunities, promotions, relationships and expect them to open for us, but they don't. Can I encourage you not to get frustrated and walk away. When one door refuses to open; God has another door designed to open just for you. And when God opens a door, no man can shut it! So do not be weary in well doing, just be ready to walk through the door that God opens so you can get what He has prepared for you!


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