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Keep Planting...Your Seeds Will Grow

Do you ever wonder if people are really listening? I certainly do. Sometimes after pouring into people, I feel like my work and energy is in vain. However, today I had such a rewarding experience. I ran into a young man who I had the privilege to serve as his principal. I did not know him right away but was impressed with the way he handled my business transaction. I expressed my thanks and complimented his efficiency and professionalism. He said, “Thanks, I had a really great teacher.” Being in the educational field, I felt proud that an educator made such an impact on this young man. I asked, as I usually do when someone mentions a teacher, “Who was your teacher?’’ He replied, “You, Ms. Randolph. It’s me Roland.” I could not believe it. “Not the Roland that lived in my office every other day,” I said. “The one and only,” he said with a huge smile. We hugged, laughed and started reminiscing over what he called the “good ole days.” What he said next, brought me to tears. “Ms. Randolph, I know you did not think I was listening, but I was. As a matter fact I was listening to you and looking at you. You really made a difference in my life; it just took a minute to show it. Thank you for pushing us and expecting more out of us.” Wow, the seeds you sow really will produce a harvest; they just need time to grow. Keep planting good seeds, they really do grow; keep speaking life, they really are listening; keep doing good deeds, they really are watching.


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