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Made for the Storm, for I Am the Storm!

One of the greatest roles the enemy plays is a persuasive deceiver. Since he was first introduced to us in Genesis, this has been his most infamous role. He tries to convince us that God is not with us, and that we are not strong enough to endure life’s challenging situations or unwelcomed circumstances. Poor thing, he is so confused. Obviously, he has forgotten that the greater One lives on the inside of us., or he tries to get us to forget this principle. Talk about a persuasive deceiver. Philippians 4:13, tells us that we “can do all things through Christ which strengthen us.” Just as Romans 8:37 tells us, “…in all these things, we are more than conquerors…” These things may include: sickness, unemployment, relationship struggles, financial difficulties, hopelessness, or any other host of storms. This is not the season to back down or be confused. Know who you are, stand your ground, and activate your God-given authority. Don’t let the storms of life frighten you. Do like Jesus did and tell them to, “BE STILL.” I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Anonymous quotes, “The devil whispers in your ear, ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand this storm.’ Today, I whispered back, I am the storm.’”


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